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Posted by Manikandan.MS on June 1, 2013


ISRO has launched first time earth observation map, named BHUVAN on 12th August 2009.  The BHUVAN is a 2D and 3D satellite earth observation mapping tool, which is purely developed by ISRO of INDIA. It is a kind of map similar to Google Map, NASA World Wind, WikiMapia etc.


                The BHUVAN is projecting more detailed imagery of Indian locations. It will use the captured information from the India’s seven remote sensing satellites. When opening BHUVAN on browser, its dynamically starts zooming on the Indian origin. Use of BHUVAN service for the common man can zoom into any part of the world on their personal computer except sensitive location such as military and nuclear installation.

The gathered data will be available at free of cost to the users but high resolution and customized precision data given to agencies at a cost. ISRO’s one of the centers of NRSC (National Remote Sensing Center) has played important role to creation of this product.


                Why the ISRO want to develop this kind of application? Let me fill the answer in a few lines. This product was developed for mainly to care about India.  The gathered data by the BHUVAN will be distributed to the central and state government of various agencies for urban planning, forest planning, traffic management, education and crop planning.  Additionally it has number of other features, which include weather information and administrative boundaries of various states and districts of India.

Various Aspects:          

                Now, the BHUVAN provides better 2D and 3D satellite imagery of India. It has best resolution over the Indian sub-continent. It is showing imagery on multi layer from the personal server and the capturing imagery has been upgraded at every year. Users have the options of viewing on different dates. Additionally it provides various tools to users, can draw 2D and 3D objects in a hand free lines.

BHUVAN Access:

                In this parameter, let me explain installation and access of BHUVAN. 2D based map can be accessed over the online without any plug-in installation including mobile phones. Its adaptable with all browsers and operating systems.

3D based map can be run with few restrictions. It needs a plug-in to support. Before going to use 3D map, we should download and install a plug-in called “BHUVAN setup” on systems. Now Windows Operating systems alone support it.


In this place, I won’t to compare this with other mapping tools like Google map, WikiMapia etc. Because they have been developed for commercial purpose to make money but BHUVAN is not similar one. The BHUVAN is developed for India and the purpose I explained in the previous paragraph.


As the BHUVAN has been developed just 3 years back, its having many features including the imagery resolution medium to high. Additionally its playing competitor to other mapping tools. I really want to appreciate the ISRO for giving such a kind of effective products.


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