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Scripting Vs Programming

Posted by Manikandan.MS on November 7, 2012


Many people are confused when talking about difference between Programming languages and Scripting languages. There really isn’t any technical difference. So the answer is like dazzle. Programming within a program is called Scripting.  Scripts for automate certain functionality within another program in a smart way.  “Scripting” is just a name it picked up nothing more.  Whereas programming language is a general term used to all coding languages including scripting language.

Compiled And Interpreted Languages:

                Compiled or programming languages such as C, C++ or Java are directly executed once (the translator which generates machine code from source code).  Interpreted or scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby are executed indirectly by an interpreter program (No translation takes, the source code can be executed step by step).

Need of Scripting Languages:

                Today we want to write more lines of code for high level of computer performance with inadequate time. In that case to write code in a quick and easy way, the scripting languages are used. Alternatively we can define that, it takes smaller executable program size. Scripting is lightweight, easy to learn, easy to use and easy to distribute.  Script allows you to create interactive web pages and producing dynamic web content with minimum effort.  Complex tasks can be performed in relatively few steps.

Programming Language:

                As we early said, a common term for all coding language is named programming. It runs independently. Let’s explain with few examples. All the compiled language runs within its parent program. But java (like scripting) can run inside another program called Java Virtual Machine. PHP is a scripting language which runs inside PHP script engine which is more powerful and efficient.

Disadvantages of Scripting:

                From the previous paragraph, we have learned that need and use of scripting. Now we are switching to discuses about major disadvantages of scripting languages as follows. Interpreter is much slower speed of program execution comparing with traditional programming languages. An account of scripting runs inside another program. The execution can be taken indirectly.  But in practically there is no speed advantage with compiled language.


                Scripting and Programming both are same. Scripting runs inside another program where as Programming runs inside a parent program. Only the execution time should be varying.  I thing, the scripting can be used more than compiled languages on the future.


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